Our Mission

Unlock Limitless Moonlighting Opportunities for Doctors-in-Training

Our mission is to empower doctors-in-training with flexible, high-paying moonlighting opportunities that supplement their income during residency or fellowship, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

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  • Competitive Pay Rates
  • Flexible Work Schedules
  • Streamlined Hiring Process

What Do You Need?

  • Unrestricted license
  • Download the App
  • Schedule availability

What We Offer

At DOCMOONLIGHT, we strive to provide doctors-in-training with unmatched advantages and support throughout their moonlighting journey. Our platform is designed to cater to your unique needs, ensuring a seamless experience while you focus on what truly matters.

Proximity to residency and fellowship

Maximum scheduling flexibility

Evening and weekend shift

User-friendly mobile app

No commitment

No hidden fees

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We offer dynamic moonlighting opportunities in various states. Our unwavering commitment to expanding our network ensures that we continue to bring you closer to the most rewarding opportunities. If you're not currently in one of these states, don't worry! By joining our rapidly growing community, you'll be among the first to learn about new healthcare facility partnerships in your area. Register now to stay ahead of the curve and seize the perfect opportunities as they emerge near your residency or fellowship program. Stay connected with the latest news and updates by following us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.

About Us

DOCMOONLIGHT revolutionizes healthcare by leveraging AI-powered technology to forge a winning partnership between aspiring doctors and first-class medical facilities.


DOCMOONLIGHT can communicate with ACGME programs to ensure compliance with the 80-hour weekly duty limit.

Effortless Matching

DOCMOONLIGHT simplifies the search for the ideal opportunities near most residency and fellowship programs.

Find Your Perfect Opportunity

DOCMOONLIGHT offers a solution for doctors-in-training seeking well-paying part-time work near their location and schedule.

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